Crop Overviews


Ethiopia is Africa’s second largest producer of wheat after South Africa and the largest producer in sub-Saharan Africa. Currently the most productive wheat-producing woredas are approaching almost 40 to 50 quintals per hectare, whereas the mean is in the range of 18 to 25. Wheat production, by almost 4.3 million smallholders across Ethiopia, remains subsistence-based… Read more »


Sesame is one of the major Ethiopian cash crops impacting approximately 1 million smallholder farmers (SHFs) and second to coffee in export currency earnings. It’s trading through ECX has shortened marketing channels for all value chain actors and neglected the serious quality problem of adulteration and the weight loss reducing sales. The GoE is supporting… Read more »


Ethiopia is the third largest producer of maize in Africa. It is the most widely grown crop of Ethiopia in different agro ecologies. There are three agro ecologically based Maize cultivation practices: high lands, mid altitude and moisture stress area. AGP-AMDe played prominent role in creating market linkages for seven maize FCUs and member cooperatives… Read more »


The current national honey yield is estimated at 53,700 tons per annum1. Ethiopia exported 763 MT of honey in 2012 and this has shown an increased quantity of exported honey compared to 520 MT in 2011. The AGP-AMDe project target for honey is to increase the volume of quality honey and other bees’ products by… Read more »


Of Ethiopia’s coffee exports, less than 20% currently meet the standards to receive the value- added prices of specialty coffee. Ethiopia has the land (500,000 hectares), labor (12 million people), and varieties to increase the export of quality coffees to more than 75%. Reaching this level of specialty coffee exports would bring an increase of… Read more »


Ethiopia is the largest producer of chickpeas in Africa and is ranked number six globally. Ethiopian chickpea production is expected to continue growing, especially with the increased investments in the chickpea value chain from government and donors. The number of smallholder farmers growing chickpeas in Ethiopia is increasing steadily from 802,473 (2006) to 877,728 (2011)1…. Read more »


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