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Project Mercy

Project Mercy, Inc. is a nonprofit organization located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The organization was founded in 1977 by Marta Gabre-Tsadick and Deme Tekle-Wold. Over the past 18 years, Project Mercy’s mission has been expanded to include community development and self-help programs. Project Mercy was started to provide emergency relief and relocation assistance to Ethiopian… Read more »

Ethiopian Traditional Ghee Production

Martha milk shop was established in 2011 GC by Martha Kassa. The shop is located in Addis Ababa city, Addisu Gebeya area to retail milk, ergo, butter and cheese to cafes, restaurants and individual consumers. The shop sources its milk from Selale dairy union that delivers milk within a kilometer distance of the shop. The… Read more »

Life Agro Industry

LAI was founded in 2011 to produce, process and distribute milk. It is located in the Sululta region of Ethiopia where its current facility has the capacity to process 3,500 liters of milk daily. LAI purchases most of the milk it processes from 260 smallholder farmers. LAI relies on direct contact with consumers through an… Read more »

Kifiya Financial Technology

Kifiya is ICT Technology PLC and it was established with the purpose of making financial transactions, simple, affordable and within reach. The Company is currently building an agent network that will reach 6 million people in rural areas for accessing various financial services at an affordable cost. Currently Kifiya employees’ over400+ professional staff. The company… Read more »


Kal-Mer Dairy and Milk Processing Enterprise (Kalmer) was established in 2012 with six members with the aim of producing milk and processing products for the local market (raw milk, cheese in 12 kinds, yoghurt, butter, and pasteurized milk and food butter). It is located at Addis Ketema Sub- City of Hawassa City, SNNPR. Kalmer formed… Read more »

Jantekel Dairy Development Marketing Cooperative Union Limited

Jantekel Dairy Cooperatives Union was established in 2007 (GC) with 8 affiliated primary cooperatives in Amhara Regional State, North Gondar Administrative Zone. The operational area of the Union includes Wogera, Lay Armachiho, Chiliga, Debia, Gondar Zurai Districts and Gondar Town. Recently two new primary cooperatives joined the Union, which makes the total membership of the… Read more »

GUTS Agro Industry Plc

GUTS Agro Industry Plc. (GUTS) is an ISO 2200 certified nutritional food processing company in Ethiopia specializing in supplementary foods, baby cereals, snacks, iodized table salt and non-iodized industrial salt productions in Ethiopia. GUTS agro Industry is now intending to diversify its products lines into cattle feed manufacturing after careful assessment of the availability of… Read more »

Evergreen Integrated Milk Production and Processing

EIMPP is a dairy farm located 17 km east of the city of Bahir Dar. The farm is 30 ha which is primarily in forage production for the livestock. The farm introduced improved forages – Rhodes grass, Desmodium, vetch and other leguminous plants and trees to provide quality fodder for livestock. The farm is currently… Read more »

Egna Legna Fattening and Dairy Cattle Cooperative

Egna Legna Cooperative was founded in October 2008. It is located on three hectares of land in SNNPR, Kaffa Zone, Chena Woreda, Wacha Kebele. The Coop has 45 members, 23 (51%) of whom are women. The cooperative buys individual cattle from the local area, feeds them on pasture for various periods of time, and then… Read more »


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