Success stories

New Dairy Products – Improving Diet, Incomes and Livelihoods

Take a stroll down almost any grocery in the U.S. and you will probably see what seems like hundreds of different varieties of yogurt. But in Ethiopia, being able to choose between different flavors of yogurt is a new phenomenon. One of the key woman responsible for the introduction of this new product is Hirut… Read more »

Making Progress on Policy Reform for Slaughterhouses in Oromia


Dr. Dessalegn Jarso, Hailu Wedajo, Dr. Mohammed Aliy and Hagere Mekonnen (pictured above) have a tough job. One that takes a lot of patience and involves the inclusion and coordination of multiple stakeholders. This three-person team is trying to keep your meat and milk safe. As a population grows and more segments of society become… Read more »

Got Milk? The Communities in Chacha, Amhara Now Do

Established almost 40 years ago, Project Mercy’s dairy farm spreads across 40 hectares of land in Chacha, Amhara. The owners of Project Mercy – Marta Gabre-Tsaddik, the first woman Senator of Ethiopia under the late Emperor Haile Selassie and her husband Deme- have made it their life mission to improve the nutritional status of those… Read more »

Ethiopian domestic abattoirs partner with USAID to improve sanitation

The livestock sector plays a critical role in the agricultural and national economy in Ethiopia. The Government of Ethiopia, through the implementation of its Growth and Transformation Plan, has placed a great emphasis on developing its meat processing industry in order to continue its rapid economic expansion. However, meat processing is a complicated issue. Most… Read more »

Live Animal Exports Boost Ethiopian Economy


Bereket Demeke was a broken man. He faced extreme anxiety over not knowing where his family’s next meal would come from and owed more than 10 million ETB in business debt as a result of a recent drought – which caused a devastating hit to his animal export company. “I was on the verge of… Read more »

Improving the Genetics of Livestock


The national average lactation milk yield of dairy herds in developed countries is over 10,000 liters per year. Unfortunately, according to recent sources the average milk yield of the Ethiopian crossbred and exotic dairy herd is less than 3,000 liters per year and that of the indigenous cows is no more than 300 liters per… Read more »

New Technology Improves Milk Processing


Robert Kariuki, (pictured above) the CEO of Family Milk Processing PLC, describes it as a, “simple portable and mobile device that swiftly analyzes milk density and contents, and gives a set of results that immediately print out depending on what you need.” It is called a Lactoscan and represents the trend of how ICT permeates… Read more »

Fertilizer Blending Plant Initiative Matches Inputs and Soil


USAID Provides International Management Contracts that Assign Fertilizer Experts to Each Factory for 10 months Addis Ababa, Ethiopia—The Government of Ethiopia, World Bank and USAID have collaborated to erect five fertilizer blending factories throughout Ethiopia, each in a strategic location serving a large population of farmers in Tigray, Amhara, SNNPR and Oromia. In support of… Read more »

Ethiopian Chickpea Sector Takes Giant Step Forward in Mechanized Agriculture

chickpea combine in the field

Africa’s Largest Chickpea Producer Must Improve Quality in order to Compete on World Market In Ethiopia, chickpea is typically harvested by uprooting the entire plant. Pulling out the roots deprives soils of nitrogen-fixing benefits. Collected, farmers allow the plant to air dry and then thresh piles of chickpea on the ground using animals; the week-long… Read more »


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