Rural Infrastructure


Rural Infrastructure

Small-scale Rural Infrastructure Development and Management is the second component of The Agricultural Growth Program (AGP).The objective of this component is to finance and provide technical support for rural infrastructure. Priority is given to water development for small-scale irrigation. The Agricultural Growth Program (AGP) is designed to achieve the objectives of this component through activities undertaken in two of its sub-components:
  1. Small-scale  Agricultural Water Development and Management; and
  2. Small-scale  Rural Market Infrastructure Development and Management
The expected results from this component are improved:
  • Small-scale  irrigation infrastructure to enable better water availability for irrigation and livestock, which, in addition to increasing productivity, will also enhance the adapting capacity of farmers to extreme climatic shocks;
  • Market infrastructure for enhanced commercialization; and
  • Capacity of public institutions for enhanced service delivery.
In order to meet its Project Development Goals (PDOs), AGP invests in rural infrastructure such as:
  • Small-scale  irrigation and watershed management, including water harvesting and micro-irrigation technologies
  • Rural road construction; and
  • Market center development


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