Egna Legna Fattening and Dairy Cattle Cooperative

Egna Legna Cooperative was founded in October 2008. It is located on three hectares of land in SNNPR, Kaffa Zone, Chena Woreda, Wacha Kebele. The Coop has 45 members, 23 (51%) of whom are women. The cooperative buys individual cattle from the local area, feeds them on pasture for various periods of time, and then sells them to local butchers based on market demand. The coop has grown gradually but steadily since starting its operation, fattening five cattle in 2012, seven cattle in 2013, eight cattle in 2014, and is currently fattening 15 cattle/cycle. The coop is located in an area where backyard fattening of one to two head of cattle is common but marketing is not as easy.

Purpose of Grant

The purpose of this grant is to enable the Egna Legna Coop to:

  1. Expand the number of cattle that it fattens in the coming three years (105 in Year 1, 120 in Year 2 and 150 in Year 3);
  2. Upgrade its cattle fattening practices to include: i) all-in/all-out cycles, and ii) improved feeding by mixing balanced feed rations and producing cut and carry forage;
  3. Utilize market information and custom transportation to purchase young cattle from markets with low prices and sell their fattened cattle at markets offering better margins; and
  4. Provide new market access for 171 surrounding farmers (72 are women) who wish to expand their economic livelihood activities to include cattle fattening.
Contact Details:
Address:  Cooperative; SNNPR, Kaffa Zone, Chena Woreda, Wacha Kebele
Mobile: +251-091 740 9575


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