The current national honey yield is estimated at 53,700 tons per annum1. Ethiopia exported 763 MT of honey in 2012 and this has shown an increased quantity of exported honey compared to 520 MT in 2011.

The AGP-AMDe project target for honey is to increase the volume of quality honey and other bees’ products by introducing improved technologies and creating new export market access. The project’s strategy is to upgrade quality and quantity of honey production to meet demand for high quality table honey for domestic and international markets as well as promote other honey byproducts.

The key project targets are improvement in quality and productivity, marketing and promotion and direct market linkages.

The major achievements to date in the honey value chain are the ApiExpo Africa 2012 held in Addis Ababa, EU accreditation, training and capacity building and specific market linkages. The project led the organization of ApiExpo Africa 2012 and the event created a major shift in the sector in terms of market linkage creation, sector promotion, product and technology improvements and technology introduction to smallholders.

As a result of the project market linkage and technical support to EAB and MoA, Ethiopia’s accreditation to export honey to the EU for 2013 was renewed and the export of 62 MT of honey and 46 MT of beeswax during this second year. This result is also credited to the intensive support provided to honey FCUs and processors. Recently, AGP-AMDe facilitated the visit of Parodi Apicultura, the third biggest world honey and beeswax buyer, to Ethiopia which is believed to make a major shift in the Ethiopian honey export. Parodi Apicultura has signed an MOU with Zembaba for the purchase of 2000 MT of honey per year and for the establishment of a honey processing plant in Bahar Dar.

Moreover, 16,438 Kg., honey worth of USD 187,558 was sold by project supported linkages of smallholder, cooperatives and private partner buyers.

1. Ministry of Agriculture

The traditional way of producing honey

The traditional way of producing honey


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