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Small Scale Irrigation (SSI)

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Under the small-scale agricultural water development and management sub-component, the Agricultural Growth Program (AGP) is focused on improving water availability for agriculture in selected woredas. Strengthening the management of the three sources of water (surface, ground and rain water) is a valid strategy for transforming rain fed agriculture to irrigated agriculture thereby increasing agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner. This intervention is expected to enhance agricultural productivity through the use of improved water storage, conveyance, lifting and application technologies related to surface, ground and rain water management. The main activities that the project is supporting comprise:

a)     Small-scale  Irrigation (SSI) infrastructure development through:

  • Upgrading of traditional systems;
  • Rehabilitation and/or expansion of malfunctioning and partially functioning SSI systems;
  • Study, design and construction of new SSI systems such as micro-dams, gravity and pump diversions, and groundwater development (such as shallow wells);
  • Establishing and/or strengthening Irrigation Water Users Group/Association (IWUA) to allow them to actively participate in planning, designing, implementing, and operation and management of SSI systems
  • Institutional capacity building including training of farmers and experts







b)    Water Harvesting and Micro-Irrigation Technologies:

  • Community ponds, household ponds and tanks, and hand dug wells
  • Supply of portable diesel irrigation pumps, mechanical pumps, family drip systems and the like.
  • Groundwater recharges structures; and
  • Institutional capacity building in terms of training including training of farmers and experts.
hand pumps







c)     Irrigation Water Use and Management:

  • Introduction of improved irrigation water management technologies and production practices through on-farm demonstrations;
  • Strengthening of Irrigation Water Users Group/ Association (IWUA) to enable the communities to effectively implement improved method of managing the available water resource, settle disputes over the water use conflicts, and proper record keeping;
  • Provision of simple technologies and techniques to measure soil moisture and evaporation at field level in order to optimize crop yields through appropriate irrigation application; and
  • Provide capacity building through training of farmers and extension workers in effective irrigation water management and agronomic practices.

d)    Watershed Management:

  • Farmland and homestead development
  • Communal land development:
  • Gully rehabilitation, area closure, plantation of multipurpose trees
  • Training of male and female farmers and experts.


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