Jantekel Dairy Development Marketing Cooperative Union Limited

Jantekel Dairy Cooperatives Union was established in 2007 (GC) with 8 affiliated primary cooperatives in Amhara Regional State, North Gondar Administrative Zone. The operational area of the Union includes Wogera, Lay Armachiho, Chiliga, Debia, Gondar Zurai Districts and Gondar Town. Recently two new primary cooperatives joined the Union, which makes the total membership of the Union 641 (169 women, or 26%). The Union receives, on average, 500 liters of raw milk per day from primary members and processes it into 250 liters of pasteurized milk, 10 kg of local butter, 8 kg table butter, 112 kg Ayib and 50 liters local yogurt.

Purpose of Grant

This grant will enable Jantekel Dairy Union to increase its current processing capacity of 1,500 lt/day to a processing capacity of 10,000 lt/day. This increased processing capacity will enable the Union to expand milk collection to all of its member coops and to increase the availability of pasteurized milk to the public. The grant will also enable the Union to improve product quality by introducing improved culture methods, filling and packaging technologies, among others.

Contact Details:
Address: Amhara regional state, North Gondar, Gondar Town
Mobile: +251918787899



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