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Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)


The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is a ministry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia which oversees the agricultural and rural development policies of the country on a federal level. The powers and duties of the MoA include:



  • Conservation and use of forest and wildlife resources
  • Food security
  • Water use and small-scale irrigation
  • Monitoring events affecting agricultural development and early warning systems
  • Promoting agricultural development
  • Establishing and providing agriculture and rural technology training

Established in 1907, the MOA has shaped the institutional agricultural landscape in Ethiopia for over 100 years.  The MOA works to increase agricultural production, productivity, and economic performance, as well as to serve in a leadership role for developing and implementing national agricultural policy in the country.

The Government of Ethiopia has demonstrated a strong commitment to agriculture and the rural development through allocation of more than 10 per cent of the county’s total budget to these sectors.



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