Improved Yirgacheffe Coffee FCU Looks to Double Exports in 2015

New processing plant, USAID support and financing allow YCFCU to meet a higher demand from international buyers Over the last several years, the Yirg...Read more
ethio machiatto

More Gourmet Coffee in the US Means More Interest in Ethiopian Coffee

This week, the Guardian published a reportage about the rise of specialty coffee shops in the United States. The article features a video and explains...Read more
Coffee giants call on consumers to help change lives in Ethiopia

Marley Coffee Promotes Sustainable Agro-Practices in Sidama

North America-based Marley Coffee and its parent company have planted vetiver grass wetlands around at least 26 wet mills in Ethiopia, and plans to co...Read more
Mekonnen Haile Michael (left) leads a cupping demo at the 2015 SCAA event.

Ethiopian Coffee: Fertile Ground for Specialty Buyers

Under the Theme ‘Origin and Diversity’, SCAA Annual Conference Provided Ethiopian Coops Chance to Court Specialty Coffee Buyers Over 11,000 visi...Read more

Ethiopian Delegation to Deliver on Specialty Coffee

A delegation of forty representatives from the Ethiopian coffee and trade sectors will present Ethiopia as this year’s portrait country at the Speci...Read more
Sara Yirgas

The Face of Ya Coffee

Business was not in Sara Yirgas vocabulary as she considered herself a social worker and aimed to grow in the professional world of NGOs and the UN si...Read more
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How Experts Decide Ethiopian Coffee is at the Top

Again and again, Ethiopia’s coffee is top ranked as the best in the world by international group of coffee connoisseurs. Voice of America produced ...Read more
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Women in Agribusiness Leadership Network Celebrates Growth and Innovation

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, January 21- 22, 2014 – As part of the ongoing strategy to empower women in agribusiness and leverage women’s mentorship and...Read more
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3 Million Farmers Use Mobile Phone for Agriculture Info

Ethiopia has one of the most extensive agriculture extension systems in the world. Nearly 85 percent of the population work the land for a living, and...Read more

SCAA Officially Announces Ethiopia as Portrait Country for 2015 Event

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) has announced the SCAA’s partnership with Ethiopia as the 2015 Official Portrait Country Spons...Read more