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Scaling Up of Best Practices

The scaling up of best practices sub-component focuses on best practice identification and implementation. The project will support assessment and promotion of improved and proven technologies. This will enhance agricultural productivity and value addition parallel to preparation and implementation of farmers sub projects. The implementation of this sub-component will pay special attention to female farmers to ensure they have equal opportunities as male farmers. It will engage women in identifying technologies that address the needs of women and sharing the same and replicating relevant ones to different stakeholders.

scaling up best practices






This sub-component includes:

  • Best practices identification and sub-project preparation through identification of improved technologies and management practices in a range of areas related to production, post-harvest value addition and marketing. Farmer sub-projects are intended to be prepared, screened and approved at the woreda level using community based participatory planning and approval process. AGP will be supporting sub-projects developed by farmer groups to address key constraints and opportunities to improve their livelihood. To enable the farmers to tackle their problems, the program would assist farmer groups with training, information and experience sharing, dissemination of technical information in problem identification, prioritization and community level planning process.
  • Implementation support for scaling up best practices by providing extension support and capacity improvement of both male and female farmers, development agents and medium to high level officials.
  • Enhance community-based seed production for food and forage crops by providing training and technical advice to ensure that groups can meet quality standards set by buyers. This activity also focuses on producing seed for self-pollinated crops. In addition, linkages with cooperatives will provide access to seed processing, cleaning, grading and packing facilities.
  • Support to Innovation and Adaptive Research through innovation facilities to accelerate the scaling up process using initiatives and local innovations incorporating indigenous knowledge of participating communities. Additionally, AGP will support short-term on-farm adaptation research on issues related to crop and livestock production systems with the help of scientists from the regional or federal agricultural research institutes.


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